Teacher Stories

New York Road Runners' youth programs better children's health, self-confidence, self-discipline, perseverance, and capabilities around goal-setting, all of which improve behavior and academic performance.

Together, NYRR and teachers got nearly 250,000 kids moving this year, in New York City and nationwide. Here are some of their stories.

Andrew Frank

Running brings Andrew's students new opportunities

Fatimah Barrie

Fatimah's students run for camaraderie

Mike Santa Maria

Running helps Mike's students gain confidence

Dinah McCann

Running boosts Dinah's students' self-esteem and test scores

Rose Newman

Rose's students run to reach new goals

Yvonne Pringle

Yvonne's students run to feel a sense of freedom

Mary Straub

Running gives Mary's students a sense of belonging




Don't Be Late to the Race